Fixed Vertical Feedback button for joomla

Fixed Vertical Feedback button is a small joomla plugin that helps to add vertical feedback button. If you notice, in many sites there is a vertical feedback button in left or right side of a site and in middle position. So, this small plugin will make life easy for those who can not modify template.

Joomla Version Support:

  • Joomla1.5 Native
  • (New)Joomla1.6 Native

Licence: GPL2 (See the licence)


  • Custom setting page for the plugin
  • Pop up color picker from plugin setting page
  • Preview from admin panel
  • Show/hide the button even the plugin in active mode
  • Custom link for button
  • Left or right and top or bottom positioning
  • Custom Vertical positioning
  • Custom Horizontal positioning
  • All positioning(check new setting page preview image) now in both px or percentage(%)(new)
  • Disable feedback button(s) on popup window
  • Open link – Normal, New window and Native Popup window
  • Custom image url
  • Custom image height
  • Custom image width(new)
  • Disable button on popup window
  • Popup window custom height, custom width
  • Rounded corner in open side
  • Up to 6 buttons within same plugin(each buttons has individual setting)(New in v2.1)


  • Pay via paypal and download link will be mailed to your paypal id
  • Download the zip and unzip and place in your plugin folder like any other plugin
  • Activate the plugin(System – Fixedverticalfeedbackbutton) (In plugin listing , filter by system)
  • Go to plugin setting page and change setting as you need, click apply or save
  • Clear your browser cache, empty cache from admin panel if there is any cache plugin installed
  • Check front end if the button appears
  • If things do not work as it should then don’t forget to hit contact us page.
  • To position any button at bottom put vertical align 100, that will do the bottom:0 in style(yes we did a small trick so that left or right bottom button is aligned at bottom, not disable :P)

To make the window popup using joomla native modal window please append “&tmpl=component” at the end of your link/url.

Change Log

  • V2.2 Date 14.04.2011
    • Code refactor
    • More specific and flexible options for for each button
  • V2.1 Date 06.04.2011
    • Multiple buttons
    • Core improvement
    • Supports for j1.6 native
  • V2.0 Date 17.03.2011
    • Added option for round corner
    • Added custom image url
    • Added custom image height
    • Added option for link target
    • Added option for disable button for popup window
    • Lots of ready made image to choose from drop down list
  • V1.0 Date 16.01.2011
    • Initial version released


Configuration for a single button with all possible features


To download please click here.

Support given via mail(Put mail subject as “Support for Fixed Vertical Feedback button for joomla” to sabuj at idea52 dot com) . If you need extra works like installation or other modification we will give support @rate $20/hr.

Thank you

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